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When exploring Facebook as a marketing avenue, it's important to remember that an aspect of strategy needs to be included in the plan. 

If you're new to Facebook marketing, then the concept of a strategy may be quite intimidating. However, the process can be quite simple when you understand what is actually needed to go into it.

Organic Marketing 

If you're unfamiliar with the term, organic marketing on Facebook essentially means content that isn't paid for. So any posts, content, photos, or videos you've shared and used to engage with your audience for free are organic. 

But how does organic marketing help you with your Facebook marketing? Well... 

The Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is the system that helps you find your audience online. Whenever you post a piece of content on Facebook, it will go through the algorithm and decide who should see your content and at what frequency it should be seen. The more your posts fall in line with the algorithm, the more you’ll receive points in the algorithm.

What is the Algorithm?

Facebook’s algorithm is mostly focused on the audience rather than the poster. This can be a little difficult for businesses at times, so it’s important that you manage to engage your audience with content they want to see.

For example, does your audience prefer video over photos? If you’re getting better results from posting videos, put the energy into videos.

Ultimately, the key thing to remember with any algorithm is that the platform wants users to stay on it. So, engage with your audience. Reply to comments, like posts, and share other people’s content. By creating an echo chamber of fellow supporters, you’ll find your engagement only increases.

Raising Your Reputation

If you manage to appease the algorithm with organic posts, not only will you be able to connect with the audience and build a relationship with them, but you’ll also become a more reputable brand.

Technology is an indisputable way to uncover information about a brand. Having a social media presence means that you’re not just still operating but that you’re a legitimate business that is trusted by others.

Reviews and engagement from your audience online is crucial for building this trust.

Organic marketing isn’t easy. It takes consistent posting, an understanding of your target audience, and patience to get right. But it could also be the difference between you scoring your next client or not.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is an entirely separate beast.

Within Facebook, you’ll find the paid marketing controls within the Ads Manager or Meta Business Suite buttons.

All social media platforms will prioritise paid content over organic because you’re pumping money into the website.

With paid ads, you do run the risk of off-putting some audiences purely because it can be seen as a spammy advert. However, if you’ve built up a solid platform and an audience who trusts you, then you shouldn’t struggle with that. Instead, you should have people who take notice and engage.

Just because you’ve put money behind an ad doesn’t mean it’s going to work 100%.

You still need to consider:

  • Who you’re targeting: their age range, location, job titles, etc.
  • What you want the ad to do: make sales, gain potential leads, and general exposure.
  • Whether your ad is appealing
  • How long you’ll run the ad for
  • How much money you’ll put behind it

All of these aspects will determine the success of your advert. Our best advice is to research other companies similar to yourself, observe the successful paid adverts, and then try them for yourself.

Most times, paid advertisements will pay themselves off – but it won’t be easy just because you’re putting money behind it.


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